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Announcing War and Conquest™
Epic Battles in the Ancient and Medieval World

Become a great commander from history and shape destiny!
Taking an army of model soldiers, you can recreate a famous battle, or enjoy a relaxing game with friends across the tabletop.

War & Conquest is an exciting and dynamic full colour publication, with a modern and contemporary look. The rules bring new and innovative ideas to traditional game play and are fully illustrated throughout with inspiring photographs and detailed captions.

Comments about War & Conquest in the press and online
   'It's brilliant - buy it!'
   'Splendidly laid out and well written'
   'Not a clone, an evolution'
   'Re-kindled the fun in wargames'
   'Thinking out of the box'
   'Darn fine rulebook, worth every penny'

Find out more about the game online and download free army lists, design notes and battle reports from the Scarab Miniatures website.

Discussion groups and resources can be found on the Scarab Miniatures Forum and the War & Conquest yahoo group

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Publisher: Scarab Miniatures Limited
Code: SMP001
ISBN: 978-09571146-0-9
Bar code: 0610708065586
Made in Great Britain
Written by Rob Broom.

Rob was Warhammer Historical Manager at Games Workshop where projects included Warhammer Ancient Battles and the ‘Legends’ series.

Neil Roberts produced the cover artwork. Neil has created illustrations and art for the BBC, Black Library and Warhammer Historical.

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